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HASP Online – An innovative way to create, review, revise, manage and store your site-specific health and safety plans. HASP Online is the first database-driven Web application for health and safety plan management. Save time and money while reducing risk as you quickly and efficiently manage your health and safety plan development process. HASP Online is the solution you’ve been looking for — all you need is Internet access to get started!

Focused on saving time, saving money and reducing risk, HASP Online was created by environmental and health and safety professionals who desired a better way to create and manage their health and safety plan development process.

Prior to the release of HASP Online, individuals tasked with writing a new HASP would often utilize a HASP from a previous site, attempting to make changes and updates as needed for the new site.  In these circumstances the risk of excluding important items in the new HASP was a likely reality especially if the original HASP was different in any way.

When using HASP-Online to create a new health and safety plan, users can be confident that all they will have an opportunity to include important issues that might otherwise be forgotten.

HASP Online key features are summarized below. To see how simple it is to make a health and safety plan, take a tour.

Save Time & Money While Reducing Risk

OSHA Compliant
HASP Online HASPs are consistent with HAZWOPER 29 CFR 1910.120 for general industry and 29 CFR 1926.65 for construction. Simply select which regulation applies to your site for the correct text and citations.

Minimize Risk of Omissions and Remnants
With HASP Online’s structure and guided user prompts, you will minimize the risk of omitted and/or remnant information in your site-specific HASPs that can occur when creating HASPs in a word processing program, especially when based on an existing HASP for a different site.

Database Efficiency
Because HASP Online is database driven, you need enter information only once. Organization information, contacts, chemical information, tasks, operations, phases, and hazards that are entered are stored and readily available for your next HASP, for all users in your organization.

Purchase Individually or Subscribe for Unlimited HASPs
Do you only create a few HASPs per yer? Then purchase individual HASPs each time you need one. However, you can really save by purchasing a subscription. A subscription enables all users at your location to create an unlimited number of HASPs.

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Create Your HASP Quickly and Easily

Easy Navigation
It’s easy to create a HASP Online health and safety plan. Just answer the easy to use questions, add your site-specific health and safety information, and download your finished HASP. A HASP Preparation Checklist is available so you are ready with the site specific information you need as you get started. Built-in intuitive features ensure that all information is entered and your final site-specific HASP is complete and ready to use.

Job Hazard Analysis Tool
It’s easy to prepare Job Hazard Analysis Worksheets with the JHA Tool. The JHA worksheets group tasks, operations, on-site locations, and hazards. Complex sites may have many JHA worksheets, while sites with limited tasks or hazards may only need a single JHA worksheet. HASP Online let’s you create the HASP that is right for your site.

Chemical Tool
Quickly and easily locate chemical hazards using the Chemical Tool. Search on chemical name, synonyms, partial names, or CAS number. Based on an OSHA database, the Chemical Tool currently contains nearly 800 chemicals and 2,300 synonyms and is regularly updated. In the unlikely event a chemical is not in the database, you can easily add one that will be available to everyone in your organization.

Graphic Upload Tools
Upload your logo to print on the cover page of your HASP. Upload your site maps, route to hospital map, and other figures as needed to complete your HASP. Graphic files can be uploaded in a variety of standard formats.

Create a new HASP from an existing HASP
Have a site with similar tasks and hazards as an existing site HASP? Perhaps the hazards and supervisory responsibilities are the same. With HASP Online you can use the create like function to create a new HASP based on an existing one. Using the create like switchboard, you can easily pick the information that is copied from the existing HASP to your new one. This feature enables users to create new HASPs in the fraction of the time!

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HASP Document

Flexible and Complete
Create site-specific HASPs for large or small sites, from a corner gas station to a large Superfund site. The HASP is divided into the 15 elements listed below:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Training Program
  • Medical Surveillance Program
  • Site Control Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Spill Containment Program
  • Decontamination
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Confined Space Entry Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Thermal Stress Issues
  • Hot Work Requirements
  • Energy Control or Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Program

Standard Adobe® PDF Format
Draft and final HASP documents are created in industry standard Adobe® PDF format. The HASP PDF document can be printed or distributed by e-mail. Use the free Adobe® Reader to view and print your HASP. The HASP document allows the reader to navigate quickly and easily to the information they need using a detailed and hyperlinked table of contents. A sample HASP can be viewed here.

Customized Formatting
HASP-Online allows you to select and utilize customized position titles, company SOP’s, and other information during the creation of your HASPs. You can even upload your company logo to place on the cover page of each HASP you complete.

Quick Reference
Emergency contacts and emergency medical facility information are available for quick reference as the second page of the HASP document. Task-specific hazard analysis and control measures are included in individual Job Hazard Analysis Worksheets. Quick-reference Hazardous Substance Profiles are created for each chemical hazard. If applicable to your site, LOTO energy control procedures are summarized for each machine or piece of equipment.

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Manage Your Account, HASPs and Users

Manage your HASPs and Users
As a HASP Online account holder, you’ll be provided your own unique member area to manage your account, HASPs and users. Once logged-in you’ll be able to easily navigate to update account and organization information, review completed HASPs, or pick up where you left off on a draft HASP.

Share HASPs with Others
Invite users in your organization to your organization’s HASP Online account. Set permissions for Administrator, Author, or Read-Only users. Users have access to your member area 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

HASP Modifications/Revisions
During the course of your project, your site’s activities and personnel may change. With HASP Online, you can easily revise your HASP when needed. HASPs can be modified for free for a full year. 

HASP Archive and Storage System
HASP Online archives each final HASP, including revised versions, so that you can easily retrieve the version that was in use at any given point in time.

Secure and Reliable
Stored HASPs and account information can only be accessed through a secure, password-protected process. The HASP Online system is located in a secure data center which provides redundant power, environmental controls, network redundancy, and back-up and monitoring systems, with the necessary security to ensure your health and safety plans and account information are in a safe and protected environment.

Technical Support
Our support engineers are available during regular business hours Monday through Friday and can be reached by e-mail or by toll-free telephone . Support is currently available free of charge to HASP Online users.

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